Oral Surgery
in Tampa, Florida

Are you looking for a trusted oral surgeon? Dr. Dalton is here to help! Our team of skilled professionals performs oral surgery in Tampa, Florida to help patients with a variety of cosmetic or dental concerns. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dalton today!

Oral Surgery in Tampa, Florida

At Dalton Dental, your gorgeous healthy smile is our passion! Dr. Dalton is an accomplished and award-winning dentist who uses her expertise to improve our patients’ lives through advanced technology and patient-focused care. We offer a variety of oral surgery options to help patients look and feel their absolute best. Call our office today to experience the Dalton Dental difference!

Here are the surgical procedures we may recommend, depending on your unique treatment needs:

Frenectomy Laser Surgery

If you experience trouble speaking, eating, or experience orthodontic issues, you may need a frenectomy. A frenectomy involves the removal of excess connective tissue (called frenum) from under the tongue or the upper gums. Dr. Dalton performs safe, minimally-invasive laser surgery to remove this tissue and improve oral function and overall health.

Distal Wedge Laser Surgery

If you suffer from gum disease, Dr. Dalton may recommend distal wedge surgery. Dr. Dalton will use a laser to eliminate the gaps between your teeth and receding gums (called periodontal pockets) that develop when the gums become infected.

Gum Reduction Laser Surgery

If you suffer from excessive or uneven gum tissue, gum reduction may be right for you. Dr. Dalton will use a laser to gently remove the problematic tissue and recontour for gumline. This will result in a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Cosmetic Laser Gum Surgery

If you live with a variety of cosmetic concerns, Dr. Dalton can recommend laser gum surgery to correct these issues with a simple and minimally-invasive procedure. Laser surgery results in less pain and faster healing periods for patients, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful smile with little to no downtime!

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Rose D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hilary for 2 years. Dr. Hilary is very professional and passionate concerning someone's teeth/smile. Her staff is caring and friendly. I like the music that is played in the rooms. It is so relaxing. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.

Mike H.

Best dentist I’ve had. Ever. Dr. Dalton and her staff are the cream of the crop. Everyone is extremely nice and professional. I can come in here knowing I’m in great hands. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for everything you’ve done for me!

Naomi G.

Dr. Dalton is caring and has a great sense of humor. All her staff are so kind and friendly. The office space is very beautiful and clean.
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